17 janeiro 2009

Barry Cole (n. 1936)

The Men Are Coming Back!

They say the men are
Coming back. An elder
Reports her daughter, out
For the morning manna,
As having seen short columns
At the foot of the hills.

There is a loosening of
Muscles and dampness
In the palms of some hands.
Inexplicably, the children
Begin to shout. Some of the
Elder women bolt the doors.

How did she know? asks
Someone. Know they are
Men? Instinct, says a
Harridan in yellow lace.
Does it matter? There are
Few moments to defence.

Even as they watch the
Elders scent defeat. Some
Of the younger are spitting
Upon the red cloth cover
Of a book, rubbing the
Dye across their untouched lips.

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